Verification & Vetting platform for indian factories

Who is it for?

Direct End Manufacturers who own & operate their own manufacturing facility

  • Who wish to enter global markets & manufacture goods for export purpose.
  • Trying for years & yet not able to enter global markets.
  • Have some export sales but full potential not yet achieved.
  • Know they can manufacture products of globally acceptable quality.
  • Have dynamic setup & seeking new products / variants etc to manufacture in their factories.
  • Just want an experienced oversight or a specialized partner to handle their exports.
  • Have spent years in building their goodwill in local market & now looking to go global.
  • Fed up with non-performing agents, joker brokers & other kinds of incompetent middlemen.

Our Values

The values we stand for

Radical Transparency

Transparency is the foundation of trust. Trust is the currency of business. Transactions can no longer happen, on intangible promises or with opaque intermediaries. From Unit Economics to Legal Compliances, every aspect of cross-border commerce needs adequate visibility of one’s capabilities & limitations.

Radical Innovation

Enabling the commerce of tomorrow, today. HyperGlobal solutions that deliver global rewards with local ease. While social media & networking apps have indeed turned the world into a village. We aspire to turn the world into a market, where trade happens unhindered by the boundaries of language, geography, currency or culture..

Streamlined Commerce

Secure, Easy, faster transactions. Streamlining that executes daylong tasks at the push of a button. Our End-to-End Holistic solution Unburdens all stake-holders from all undesirable chores. Enabling better resource allocation, scientific decision-making, Improved return on investments & much more.


Everything you need

Get manufacturing work exactly matching your capability

Orders fitting your MOQ & invoicing criteria. Products possible to produce using your machinery. Target prices & delivery deadlines that are actually possible for you to meet.

No more waste of time dealing with fake enquiries

We will filter the enquiries so you don’t waste hours answering unwanted calls & replying unworkable emails

Get recognised on your merit, set yourself apart from competition

For decades you have delivered consistent quality, competitive pricing & punctual deliveries. Yet unscrupulous entities are buying gold ratings, trust marks & stealing leads from you. Seems unfair, right ? We will make sure this no longer happens.

Enter newer & bigger markets without utilising more resources

No money spent on marketing, exhibitions, B2B portals. No export hassles like customs, GST, FEMA etc. Just concentrate on manufacturing & leave the rest to us.

Commercial Collaboration

Collaboration opportunity with other world class factories, product designers, artists, innovators, institutions & more. Make new connections, expand to new markets.

Guaranteed payments against delivery, no more credit / recovery woes

On-site inspections & On-spot payments. No more delayed payments, recovery problems or forced discounting on fabricated claims.

Why us?

  • 1) Saving Time & Efforts with factory identification, verification & selection.
  • 2) Strengthening & securing global supply chains
  • 3) Digital screening, filtering process to short-list potential manufacturing partners.
  • 4) Entry Barriers to unscrupulous, risky, fraud-prone entities.
  • 5) Other B2B directories remain full of unfit / incompetent companies & lack even bare basic verifications.
  • 6) After a decade of our own personal experience & coming across 1000s of foreign importers & their experiences. We felt the necessity to take matters into our own hands.
  • 7) Currently available online B2B options are ignorant to the real-world needs. They unreliable for the customer & unfair to the manufacturers.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is a verification & vetting platform for Indian manufacturers. It’s purpose is to identify factories capable / willing to manufacture export quality products.

No, absolutely not. We don’t want to collect any kind of upfront payment from the factories.

No, We only work with fully operational factories that are ready to accept our orders. However, if young entrepreneurs need some help in setting up their factories please email us at [email protected] with SUBJECT LINE- “FACTORY SET UP”

It’s the platform that will execute the export transaction & manage all banking, FEMA, Customs, compliances. You just have to manufacture the goods for us.

Platform will buy from you in local INR currency & its own GST number will be given to you for billing purpose.

At present, We can speak English, Hindi & Gujarati languages. We will be adding more people to our team to support more local languages. We have worked with factories from all corners of the world & language has never been problem. We have outsourced our marketing to an agent / mandate, can he manage our account on your platform ? No, We have a Strict NO MIDDLEMAN policy. We will work only directly with the factory promoters or full time factory employees authorized by factory management.

Yes, you can. You just need to own & operate the factory, the platform will get the orders for you.

Yes, we have dedicated marketplace www.bulkunkle.com, launching very soon. You can list your products their.

GST is mandatory for any factory to work with us. However, if you are un-registered factory & still feel you can work with us, please email at [email protected] with SUBJECT line:- “FACTORY WITHOUT GST”, we will review your application respond accordingly.

0 days, No credit needed at all. Since last 10 years we have made payment on pick-up. We visit your factory for order inspection, upon satisfaction we ourselves manage the logistics & complete the payment simultaneously on the spot. In future, due to excessive transactions we may need “CLEARANCE+1” payment terms, meaning we will complete our payment the very next day the goods are “cleared to export” from Indian customs. You will be intimated of this change well in advance.


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